Sunday, February 23, 2014


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What people do when they’re supposed to do something else

  1. Read other things that totally unrelated to something that you’re supposed to do. Twitter timeline? oyeah. Another 3 hours of buzzfeed? why not. Who can resists the temptation from KissManga? Definitely not me. 
  2. Snacking time. It’s good to keep your tummy full, it’s good to keep your mouth busy, it’s good to distract you from whatever you’re doing.
  3. Checking the phone, only to find out that your friends don’t really care about you, they just need your help in Candy Crush. MORE CLOVERS IN POKOPANG PLEASE, TY. 
  4. Youtube-ing. From 5 minutes music video to 30 seconds of corgi happily running on the snow, everything is good to watch. YOUTUBE VIDEOS: they make your life complete.
  5. Make a list like this.

and instead of studying for tomorrow exam, I blogged these.............

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