Friday, December 18, 2015

Unmerited Favor

The expression of the congregation is... priceless.
Nothing compares the genuine expression of people worshipping Jesus..
and the sound of them praising Him.

I love it,
and I think so does He :)

Unmerited Favor
New Creation Church

I am standing under an open heaven
Drenched by endless
Showers of grace
I'm surrounded
By love and tender mercies
As You freely gave so
Freely I've received

Now I've got every reason to rejoice
Your unmerited favor is on my life
It's got nothing to do with what I did
But it's all about
What You've done for me
And because of the cross
It's plain to see
I'm irrevocably saved, now I am free
And I'll rejoice
In everything You've done
In everything You've done

No more striving
‘Cos I have been forgiven
Made forever righteous and whole
I'm secure in
This hope that is unwavering
And my future's bright
‘Cos Your Word is my light

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